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Amur Aquatics, Inc. began in 2004 after my retirement from Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, where I had served for 30+ years as an aquatic botanist. Because Florida has shallow water bodies and semi tropical climate, aquatic weeds have always been a big problem.

Triploid grass carp has been a major development in controlling and managing problem submersed aquatic weeds such as hydrilla, naiad, chara, and others. Other plant communities such as shoreline grasses may be prevented from becoming serious problems.

Some plants the carp are not at all interested in include water lilies, alligator weed, dollar weed, and woody vegetation. Others they will try when they're hungry are filimentous algae, eelgrass, cattails, and other emergent plants. Grass carp can be used inexpensively at low stocking numbers per acre to avoid serious problems and adverse ecological consequences, such as a lake full of hydrilla which causes fishing to be a problem. It may be good for ducks...but not for residents and fisherpeople.

We will be glad to talk with you about your lake, pond, and shoreline access. Consultations so far have ranged from goldfish ponds, retention ponds, up to about 100 acre lakes. Typically larger lake bodies are handled by state, county or local agencies.

Phone and/or email consultation and permit assistance are no charge, site inspection is a minimal charge, and the following are case-by-case: barrier design and installation, triploid grass carp pricing, fish availability and stocking, and ongoing lake monitoring. We recognize potential problems in early stages to save time, stress, and money.